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Project Details
Transportation & Government Services
Ohio Task Force One (OH-TF1) Warehouse
Ohio Task Force One is an urban search and rescue task force (TF) that deploys to high end disasters such as the May 2019 Montgomery County Tornado. The TF has been located in Kettering Business park since 2005, but is required to vacate their current warehouse. Funding will be used to make required improvements to Emery Building at the Dayton Airport so the TF can move their HQ and warehouse staff to a new location.
Organization Details
Miami Valley Fire EMS Alliance dba Ohio Task Force One
444 West Third Street, Suite 20-231
Dayton, Ohio. 45402
Organization Contact Details
Evan W. Schumann
Program Manager
Ohio Task Force One
cell 937-608-7379
220 South Edwin C. Moses Blvd. (Building 20 Sinclair Community College)
Dayton, Ohio. 45402
Jeffrey Payne, OH-TF1 Sponsoring Agency Chief

cell = 937-478-3557

email =
Location Details
Ohio 10th
Financial Details
Building owners = $200,000

Tenant = $300,000

Construction or Capital
Project is the modification of existing interior and exterior building footprint. THERE WILL BE NO NEW BUILDING FOOTPRINT.

More than 50% of the project costs will be building owner and tenant provided. See split in Question 33 above.
Within the next 6-12 months
State of Ohio Operating Budget. State of Ohio Capital Budget. Homeland security funds. Other???
Community Details
The need for this project to OH-TF1 is immense. Our current warehouse lease has been terminated by the City of Kettering effective 31 Dec '19. We have sufficient funds to make only minor modifications to the Emery building at the airport, just enough to get the cache and fleet under a roof by the termination date with Kettering. Our desire is to make sufficient improvements to use the facility to combine the Task Force's Admin Office (Building 20 SCC) and current Warehouse (Kettering Business Park) into one fixed location for the TF. Without this warehouse (or at least a warehouse), the task force will become unable to maintain deployability standards and go into a stand down status until a new location to house the Task Force can be procured. Ohio Task Force One is the preeminent Search and Rescue Team in Ohio and will be unable to meet deployability requirements (such as the May 2019 Montgomery County Tornado) without a warehouse to house the team.
Success will be measured when the Task Force is fully functional in the Emery Building. Functional is defined as the Task Force can meet deployment requirements of putting 80-personnel, 17 vehicles, and 50-tons of rescue cache wheels rolling in 4-hrs. from time on activation orders. Functional is also defined as the Task Force's paid staff of 20-personnel have appropriate office facilities to operate from, the 230 team members of the Task Force have sufficient training facilities to maintain operational standards, and the Task Force can meet all security requirements to house controlled medical caches, Ohio and federal communication caches, and team member personnel files and medical records.
Q 43) The Task Force currently has 4 full time and 17 part-time paid staff. Failure to find a new location to house the Task Force in the Dayton Region would result in its probably relocation to Columbus or Cincinnati (both have been discussed as options).

Q 44) The membership of TF is 230 personnel. These personnel are mostly public sector first responders from Ohio based fire and EMS departments. When activated by Ohio or FEMA, these personnel are paid portal-to-portal (time of activation until released); typically for 10 to 16 days. The resulting pay checks (and associated taxes) are substantial. Should affordable or functional warehouses in Columbus or Cincinnati be unable to be found, FEMA could terminate OH-TF1 as part of the federal System (primary source of operating funding) and replace it with another state's team. The resulting loss of taxable salaries would be approx. $1.5M in a given year. Additionally, the $1.2M in direct federal support to the TF would also be lost.
Additional Details

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